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Research Videos

Video 1


Video 2 perception of reality


Video 3 The brain body and spine


Video 4 what are symptoms


Video 5 injury prevention


Video 6 clumsiness


Video 7 older adults


Video 8 falls risk


Video 9 colic


Video 10 posture


Video 11chiropractic techniques


Video 12 enuresis


Video 13 strength and fatigue


Video 14PFC


Video 15 Safety of chiropractic care


Video 16 pain explained


Video 17 Chronic Pain


Video 18 Pain is our alarm system


Video 19 Neck Pain


Video 20 Stress, Pain and Immune System


Video21 Evidence Based Practice



Video22 Spinal Function



Video23 Headaches



Video24 Mild spinal dysfunction



Video 25 Joint cavatation



Video 26 Cerebellum function



Video 27 Who sees the chiropractor?



Video 28 How often should you see a chiropractor?



Video 29 hypertension


Video 30 Golf


Video 31 jaw

Video 32 Why chiropractic maintenance care