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Chiropractors treat Vertebral Subluxation Complex

Subluxation, Stress, and Sickness: Chiropractic, Balance, and Health.

Why is chiropractic an essential component of family wellness in industrial society.

Central to understanding the necessity of chiropractic is understanding that healthy spinal bones and tissues and healthy spinal nerve flow depend on normal spinal motion and alignment.

Decreases in spinal motion in abnormal alignment and posture always result in spinal bone and tissue decay and degeneration and unhealthy spinal nerve flow.

The scientific term for this devastating spine and nervous system condition is Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Fact:  Doctors of chiropractic are the world's only experts in detecting and correcting Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

What is Vertebral Subluxation Complex?

Vertebral Subluxation Complex is a state of abnormal motion and or alignment of the spine causing inflammation and decay in muscles, ligaments, tendons and bone.

This results in toxic amounts sickness removing stress nerve signals called nociception and deficient delivery of energizing, health promoting nerve signals called proprioception to the brain.

Two devastating processes always occur with Vertebral Subluxation Complex. The lack of proper motion, alignment, and neurological coordination causes uneven stresses on the spine and surrounding tissues that leads to inflammation and decay and bones, muscles, discs, ligaments, and tendons.

This spinal decay is termed vertebral subluxation degeneration or osteoarthritis.

These are the structural changes associated with Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

The structural decay can cause a great deal of pain, weakness, and or fatigue.

More importantly, this decay can be causing devastation without symptoms, just like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The second detrimental process that occurs Vertebral Subluxation Complex, and the one that is most damaging in terms of overall health, is a toxic flow of stress nerve messages and the deficient flow of essential positive nerve energy between the body and brain.

Scientific evidence indicates that this altered nerve energy flow affects not only local spinal tissues but brain function in regions that regulate pain, stress and immunity, thinking, learning, concentration, emotions, organ function, sleep, digestion, overall hormonal and organ function regulation, and neuromuscular coordination, balance, strength and agility.

In order to understand the devastating effects of nociception from Vertebral Subluxation Complex is necessary to understand three scientific facts.

1) Chronic Vertebral Subluxation Complex results in chronic increased stress signals from nociceptors going to the stress centers of your brain.

2) Chronic stimulation of the stress centers your brain cause chronic release of stress hormones throughout your entire brain and body.

3) Chronic release of stress hormones is the root cause of all chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, fatigue, depression etc.

As long as you have Vertebral Subluxation Complex in your spine your cells will always be getting stress signals and their ability to perform the functions of human growth and repair and relaxation and happiness and sleep and digestion and fertility and sex drive will be severely compromised.

If you have Vertebral Subluxation Complex you are always going away from health and vitality in toward early aging, fatigue, and sickness.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex

chronic increased nociception (Body stress signals)

chronic increased stimulation of brain stress centers

chronic increase secretion of stress hormones

chronic increased emergency breakdown for short term survival

increased susceptibility to chronic illness

Chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, attention deficits, emotional problems, cognitive problems, dementia, Alzheimer's etc.

Not only does Vertebral Subluxation Complex cause toxic levels nociception and thus stress hormone release, it also results in a deficiency of positive, energizing, heeling and pain inhibition signals called proprioception or mechanoreception.

Movement of the spine causes the stimulation of propriocepters in the muscles, tendons, and discs. Proprioception and mechanoreception signals are considered and essential nutrient for balance and health of the brain and entire mind and body.

When Vertebral Subluxation Complex is present normal spinal motion and alignment are not possible and thus a deficiency of proprioception or mechanoreception results.

In order to understand the devastating effects of a deficiency proprioception caused by Vertebral Subluxation Complex is necessary to understand three scientific facts.

1) Chronic Vertebral Subluxation Complex results in chronic decreased motion energy signals from proprioceptors going to the pain inhibition, stress reduction, pleasure, thinking, immune function, learning, organ function, and musculoskeletal function centers of your brain.

2) chronic deficient stimulation of these centers of your brain causes chronic decreased immunity, energy, balance, relaxation, happiness, organ function and cognitive function.

3) chronic decreased immunity, energy, balance, relaxation, happiness, organ function and cognitive function are the root cause of all chronic decreased quality of life and illness.

Every time you have chronic abnormal or decreased spinal motion and or alignment or posture from Vertebral Subluxation Complex you get chronic deficiency in stress reducing, energizing, health, happiness and vitality promoting signals from proprioceptors or mechanoreceptors.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex prevents proper movement and blocks the delivery of one of the most important nutrients for health ever identified!

Without proper proprioception you are literally sick and aging at an accelerated rate.

The presence of Vertebral Subluxation Complex, whether pain is present or not makes proper proprioception impossible.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex

Chronic decreased proprioception (positive body signals)

Chronic decreased stimulation of brain balance and healing centers

Chronic decreased secretion of balance and healing hormones

Chronic decreased health and healing for long-term wellness

Decreased health and vitality – increased chronic illness

Chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, attention deficits, emotional problems, cognitive problems, dementia, Alzheimer's etc. etc.

Is Vertebral Subluxation Complex common?

Yes. In fact Vertebral Subluxation Complex is pandemic in the industrialized world because the way we currently live is filled with physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that cause Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Do you know of anyone who has not sat with poor posture in the school desk, and a computer, or in front of the TV during their formative childhood years and then for most of their adult life?

Do you know anyone who does not have emotional stress or eat unhealthy foods?

New research commissioned by the British chiropractic Association reveals that 32% of us spent over 10 hours sitting down every day, adding up to an amazing 32 years and four months of our lives.

Over half of the working population sit down all day at work, nearly 50% of those who work refuse to leave their desks, even for lunch!

What do people do after work? Most people spend the majority of their evenings sitting.

Sitting to your spine is like sugar to your teeth.

Kroemer and grandjean. Mental activity and fatigue. Fitting the task to the human: a textbook of occupational ergonomics. 1997

The typical classroom desk is uncomfortable and rigid one size has to fit all students. In addition, students have to lean forward in the seat in order to take lecture notes.

Basic facts about sitting, Sally systems 2004

All users of traditional chairs suffer from the inevitable sitting oriented disorders SOD. It shows in uncomfortable sitting, bad posture, increase neck and shoulder problems, strained joints, weakened fluid circulation easy fatigue. Men even suffer from bad sperm quality.

Another study out of Cornell University in published in computers in schools 1998 14 (3-4) found the following:

Children in elementary schools are at risk from sitting at improper workstations that have been designed with little or no regard for musculoskeletal development and this has implications for health problems.

Sitting for more than short periods increases the risk for injury.

Children's developing musculoskeletal structures are especially vulnerable to postural trauma.

Can Vertebral Subluxation Complex be corrected and or managed? Yes!

A large body of scientific research provides incontrovertible evidence that programs regular chiropractic adjustments can improve or completely restore proper motion and alignment to joints.

Improving and or completely restoring proper joint motion and alignment lessons and or removes the devastating toxicity and deficiency associated with Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Adding wellness practice spinal hygiene exercises to regular spinal hygiene visits reconditions the spine and promotes long-term spinal health.


Doctors of chiropractic are the world’s experts detecting and correcting Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

In terms of detecting and correcting neuromusculoskeletal problems scientific evidence clearly indicates chiropractors are the most highly trained and often the most clinically cost-effective care currently available.

Clinical studies in workers compensation studies indicate that chiropractic care is the most cost-effective choice by as much as tenfold.

A recent study published in the archives of internal medicine show the simple insurance parity of access to chiropractic only lowered the overall cost of care, it also you don't critical hospital and diagnostic resources.

Ninth international conference on spinal manipulation October 5, 2002 Toronto – reported in FCER advance 23 (two)

Dr. Hayek reported that only the group which underwent spinal manipulation (by any of the 4 commonly used manipulative treatment protocols [activator,SOT,Gonstead,Diversified] displayed significant improvement in asthma symptoms and depression and anxiety scores.

Simple experience and structured interviews at the treatment centers or being monitored at home did not yield these improvements. In addition, patients actually undergoing spinal manipulation displayed dramatic increases of IGA and decreases cortisol through the post treatment period.

Wow! Chiropractic care decreased stress hormone levels which resulted in less illness like depression, anxiety, and asthma.

If you decrease stress hormone levels there is a decreased risk of all chronic illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart disease, obesity etc.

How long will it take to correct and or control and manage your Vertebral Subluxation Complex?

There are three physiological stages of healing that are universally recognized as being necessary for proper tissue healing:


  1. The acute inflammatory stage 24-72 hours

  2. The repair stage – 72 hours – six weeks

  3. The remodeling stage – three weeks – 12 months


Without having proper rehabilitation throughout each of these stages is not possible for tissues to heal properly.

Troyanovich et al. structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture: rationale treatment beyond the resolution of symptoms. JMPT 1998.

The exact amount of time your Vertebral Subluxation Complex will take to correct will depend on several factors.



  1. How long your Vertebral Subluxation Complex has been present.

  2. How severely Vertebral Subluxation Complex has degenerated and decayed spinal tissues and posture.

  3. Other areas of toxicity and deficiency that are hampering your healing – your current health status and healing potential.


We cannot change how long your Vertebral Subluxation Complex has been present or how much damage leaving it uncorrected has caused.

However, influencing the other areas of toxicity and deficiency will have a profound influence on how long it takes to reach your healing potential.

Addressing these issues is what the wellness practice program has given us expertise in, pure sufficient cells heal faster and more completely.

This is how to get superior results and why we have the patient satisfaction levels we have. If you follow our recommendations you will heal faster, heal more completely, and save money. You will also experience greater overall health and vitality.

What about pain and other symptoms?

Wellness interventions do not use symptoms to determine your care plan. Focusing on symptoms is a medical approach not healing and wellness approach. Taking drugs can dull your pain but only correcting the problem can heal you and remove this source of pain.

What drug could ever fix a cavity in your tooth or Vertebral Subluxation Complex in the spine?

Most of your symptoms are signals that something is wrong but because much of what you are suffering from may be due to unnatural stressors that you are not genetically equipped to recognize, you can be a long way out of balance and homeostasis without symptoms.

Think of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and of course Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

It is also possible to have a lot of symptoms without being a long way out of balance or away from homeostasis.

In fact, sometimes healing can be uncomfortable because it involves your genes having to adapt cell function. Change can be painful.

Think about people trying to get off drugs like cocaine or coffee or trying to get in shape by starting to exercise. All of these require healing gene expression changes that can result in symptoms and discomfort. This does not mean it is not healthy or making them worse!! The same can be true of correcting Vertebral Subluxation Complex and other toxicities and deficiencies. Sometimes you feel worse while you are getting better.

Healing is a process just like getting sick is. You will regain your cell function and health gradually because all healing takes time.

Sometimes your symptoms will go away quickly.

Sometimes you symptoms go away gradually.

Sometimes your symptoms will come and go for a while.

Sometimes your symptoms will get worse before they get better.

How long do you need to keep having your spine checked for Vertebral Subluxation Complex?

How long do you need to keep brushing your teeth?

How long do you need to keep exercising?

How long you need to keep eating healthy foods?

How long do you need to keep thinking positively?

For as long as you want to keep healthy!!

Maintaining the proper function, posture, and health of your spine and nervous system is simply a necessary, intelligent, healthy lifestyle choice.

It is no different than choosing to be healthy and attractive by maintaining your teeth, exercising, eating well, and thinking positively.

Modern industrialized life is as hard on your spine as it is on your teeth. Vertebral Subluxation Complex is a natural consequence of living in our industrial environment. Vertebral Subluxation Complex represents both toxicity and deficiency.

Chiropractic adjustments and wellness practice spinal hygiene

Normalization spinal motion, alignment, and posture, decreased spinal degeneration, inflammation and decay

Increased proprioception (positive body signals) decreased nociception (stress body signals)

Increased balance, healing and growth hormones decreased stress, fatigue, and emergency breakdown hormones.

Increased comfort, health and vitality. Decreased pain and decreased risk of chronic illness and fatigue.

Increased energy and inspiration to learn and implement eat well – move well – think well healthy lifestyle choices.


By Dr. Chestnut

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